What Is Print Bleed, and Why Do I Need It?

At Ego id Media, we get asked about print bleed a lot—a term that refers to the additional space printed just beyond the edge of the finished page.

We ask customers to provide images with bleed so that when we print your image, you have 1/8” (0.125”) of extra space overlapping the trim line. That space ensures that images print to the cut line without leaving additional white space on the image.

How Does Ego ID Media Do Full-bleed Printing?

We prefer that you include 1/8” (0.125) bleeds on your images. Say, for example, that you’re ordering a 4” x 6” postcard. Your print-ready file should be 4.25” x 6.25”. This adds 0.125” around the perimeter of your file’s cutting line.

We’ll walk you through the process below if you need help adding bleed to your design.

How Do I Add Print Bleed to My Image?

Most graphic design programs allow you to add print bleed to your image at any stage in the design process. However, if your program doesn’t give you this option, you can set up a custom-sized image layout that includes additional space for bleed.

Let’s use the 4” x 6” postcard as an example.

Before you begin designing, set up your image size at 4.25” x 6.25”. Next, create a ruler guide that extends around the perimeter of the image. Make sure that the ruler is set 0.125” in from the edge.

That’s it.

Additional Layout Notes

In addition to adding 1/8” of space to the perimeter of your image, follow our additional full-bleed printing layout notes below.

  • Make sure all text and images sit inside the safe area and away from the bleed line
  • Before sending us a final image, remove any crop or bleed marks
  • Do not step & repeat; we only need a single position on the front and back
  • For best results, send high-resolution prints that are 300 DPIs
  • Flatten all transparencies and convert all fonts to outlines

Downloadable Templates

We’ve created layout templates for all our standard products—everything from bi-folds to flyers, posters, and VIP passes to make it easy for you.

We’re Here for All of Your Printing Needs

Ego id Media provides creative, affordable, and eco-friendly custom products to grow your business. We make the process easy and tailored to your budget and timeline from ordering to the final product.

Do you have questions about full-bleed printing, need help with formatting, or want a custom quote? Just give us a call at (619) 283-1199 or email us.

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