How To Design a Restaurant Menu That Stands Out

Did you know that your restaurant’s menu design correlates to higher sales and maximum profits? Several factors influence your diner’s decisions, including what’s on your menu. Let’s look at all the elements to incorporate when designing an exquisitely mouthwatering menu. 

Prioritize Organization

This may seem like a no-brainer, but grouping your menu choices into categories will make it easier to read. You want guests to cruise through their menu-reading experience, making a final decision smoothly without reading through every word. Plus, it’s easy to do. Simply narrow your sections logically, putting sandwiches in one category, pizzas in another, appetizers, salads, entrees, and so on. 

Offer Only Your Top Options

When creating a straightforward menu, the key is to list only your best options. Of course, you want something for everyone, but customers don’t need a million choices; they need the good ones. Short menus also lend themselves to quicker table turnovers, as guests don’t have to spend excessive time reading through too many options. So scale it down to exclude dishes that are too similar, and make sure that everything fits on a standard 11”x17” page. 

Keep Drinks, Desserts, and Specials Separate

When it comes to drinks and desserts, it’s best to give them their front and back menus. Further, keeping specials separated from the main menu helps you avoid reprinting the whole menu every time you decide to offer a new special. Again, this goes back to giving your guests the most straightforward reading experience possible, streamlining the time spent on decision-making.

Delete the Dollar Sign

Research has shown that you’ll sell more by excluding dollar signs from your menu. Psychologically, the dollar sign causes negative feelings about spending money, and guests are more likely to do the mental math before placing their order. So omit those feelings altogether by taking dollar signs out of the equation. Further, you can avoid price comparison if you don’t list prices in a column. Instead, put down the number after each item’s product description. 

Get Professional Prints

Investing in professional printing shows your guests that you run a professional establishment. Not only does this demonstrate to the guest that you care about their experience, but you can also save money downstream by printing menus on durable paper that will last much longer than menus printed on regular cardstock. You can even opt for 10 mil synthetic paper that holds up to spills and cleaning.

Print With Ego Id Media

If you’re ready to take an easy step in growing your restaurant by revamping your menu, Edo Id Media can help you with the design and print process. Your menu is the most important internal marketing tool you can use to increase sales. Contact our team and we can help you achieve your business goals with a great menu design and professional print job.

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