How to Create a Flyer that Grabs Attention and Sells

When compared to other forms of marketing, flyers are generally inexpensive. However, it’s still important to prioritize great return on investment when designing flyers for your business. Additionally, the flyer you create should grab the reader’s attention and make them take action. With the following tips, you will learn how to create a flyer that grabs attention and sells to help you meet your business goals.

Start with a Great Headline

It’s impossible to exaggerate the importance of a good headline when creating marketing flyers for small businesses. This headline is the first thing a potential customer will read. Therefore, your headline should be attention-grabbing as it is what tells your audience exactly what they can expect and that they need to keep reading.

Make It Unmistakably Yours

Branding is a key part of designing flyers for your business. If you have a flyer available, try looking at it from about 10 feet. Would somebody glancing at it recognize it as being from your company? If yes, that’s great.

If not, think of ways to make your flyers more easily associated with your brand. Here are some things to try:

  • Add your logo 
  • Include a familiar tagline
  • Use consistent color schemes in all printed and digital assets
  • Choose a stand-out font for your company name

When your marketing flyers are branded, they boost trust and name recognition.

Use the Right Tone

The “voice” you choose for your flyer is also important. Use appropriate wording to relate to your target audience. This wording should be based on buyer personas you have created. It should also represent what you are selling and the value proposition you want to communicate.

For example, a flyer promoting a fun event for college students might use humor, casual language, and even a bit of slang. On the other hand, a flyer promoting home security systems to people over 50 should use more serious, formal language.

Break Things Up

Don’t overwhelm potential customers with large blocks of text. Instead, make your flyer easy to scan by adding subheadings, bullet points, and negative space. Remember that this is a document that people will scan, not read like a book.

Add High-Quality Images

Your flyer should include photos, infographics, and other images that help to communicate your message. These should be clear, and of the highest possible quality you can manage.

Include the Most Important Information

Before you print your flyers, take a final moment to read things over. Have you included the information your customers will need? This information includes your contact details, location, dates and times of any events, and other key information. 

End with a Powerful Call to Action

Yes, a printed flyer should have a call to action. To do this, add a simple instruction on what to do next. You can even add a QR code to an event sign-up or additional content.

Do you need help with marketing flyers for small businesses? Want to create a flyer that grabs attention and sells? At Ego id Media, we’d love to help! Get a quote or contact us with questions.

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