Not Using Door Hangers For Marketing? 5 Reasons You Should

With technology ever improving, there are now seemingly infinite ways to attempt to reach your target audience to market your goods and services. However, the most successful may still be the physical marketing medium of door hangers. Using door hangers for marketing efforts can help you reach specific niche audiences in ways that other marketing mediums cannot. It can save you money while increasing your profit. Here are the top five benefits of using door hangers to reach potential customers.

Benefit #1: Door Hangers Are Flexible and Customizable

Because door hangers can be printed with any design and in any number, they’re a flexible option for meeting your marketing needs. Consider using them for sales or holiday events, product releases, or special in-store activities.

You can also customize the message for each audience you attempt to reach. Customizing door hangers takes little time and little work from the start of the process to the doorknob placement.

Benefit #2: They’re Timely and Actionable

You can quickly print door hangers and control when customers see notices for upcoming events. Many physical mailers get trashed without a second look because the timing is evergreen and lacks the urgency that works so well with coupons and sales.

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a way to trigger an audience into action when advertising limited-time sales and products. Including specific information and even coupons or discounts as part of the hanger will ensure that customers act on the urgency of your timing.

Benefit #3: They’re Targeted and Efficient

Wasting money on a nebulous ad campaign can be frustrating. There are click returns and landing page numbers that can be crunched for effectiveness, but how can you be sure that your other campaign pushes are doing the job? The targeted nature of door marketing, particularly those with actionable information, allows you to measure your efforts. As a result, there is little waste when specifically targeting a neighborhood or a niche market.

Benefit #4: They Can Easily Fit Within Your Budget

Door hangers can be printed in large or small batches. The turnaround is swift, and the overhead is low. Using door hangers as a form of marketing is an economical way to reach your customers without breaking the bank.

Another interesting approach to door hanger marketing is to include a magnet with your goods or services on it, like a business card, but with other appealing information. For example, many services have contact information on homes’ highly coveted fridge front, including an inspirational quote or appealing imagery. Friends and neighbors take note of services endorsed by refrigerator real estate.

Benefit #5: Door Hangers Are Visible and Interactive

Door hangers are right there. They hang on the door. It’s either impossible to open the door without removing it or, at the very least, uncomfortable to maneuver but not irritating enough to crumple it up and throw it away. Or, at least, it shouldn’t be.

Keep easy removal in mind as a point of your design profile. The highly interactive nature of door hangers puts them in a pile of their own rather than in the fast track to the trash like mailbox mailers.

To Start Using Door Hangers For Marketing

When your business is ready to begin, contact EgoID Media for more information on fully customizable options to suit your needs.


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